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    Unanswered: on change / after update HELP PLEEEZ!

    I have a subform with a control called [txtCalc] that has no bound source i.e.
    =(([txtControl1] /[txtControl2])*100).

    On the afterupdate() or onchange() event of [txtCalc] I want to trigger a function that does this:

    me![txtTest] = Forms!ParentForm.Form![txtTest]

    Basically depending on if [txtCalc] is updated or changed, the value of me![txtTest] will become equal to that of Forms!ParentForm.Form![txtTest]

    but it wont do it. what am I doing wrong???? If I put the function on to an onclick event it works, but I cant have an onclick event at this time.

    thanks in advance

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    the on change or after update actions are just that actions. It is something that happens to the box. If the text box is a formula and there is no phyisical click or manipulation I dont think it will register as a chane/update.
    maybe you can put the code in the on get focus option. Then code the text box to get focus and then code what ever else you need to get focus so taht the end user neaver notices. Maybe this will help, though someone might have a better idea

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