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    Question Unanswered: Slow Procedure execution

    Hello Friends,
    I have a stored procedure which has been running for quite some time successfully in about 1/2 hour populating about 20 million records in a target table. Of late i.e in the last 1 week, I find the same to be taking about 20 hours to complete. Actually about 19.5 million records get loaded into the first 20 minutes. The last 0.5 million records take about 19 1/2 hours......Can anyone throw some light on the same..There has been no change on the Base table and corresponding indexes......


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    First thing to do is to find out what piece of SQL is taking the time...

    Go to v$sql and select the sql_text where users_executing > 0 - This will show you all of the pieces of SQL currently executing - Once that is known you may be able to draw a conclusion.

    The usual cause of this sort of thing on my system is that datafiles are extending. If the volume they are mounted on is tight for space this will take time, and it will cause fragmentation will will further slow things. This seems to be a problem on NTFS.


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