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    Unanswered: building ftp server with vb


    I'm going to build an ftp server in visual basic. That server will be part in a larger application which needs to store data on a fileserver.

    At the best, I wont use any commercial components for this ftp server, except Microsoft components.

    1. Does anyone here know if this is possible with wininet or msinet? Are there other Microsoft components aimed for this?

    2. Besides, what is the difference between wininet and msinet?

    3. I will run the ftp server as a service. I heard that the wininet does not support this. Is that true?


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    1. it is possible with wininet
    2. wininet is a low level api used by IE and the like. Msinet is a higher level ocx.
    3. Running a service sing VB is not a good idea VB was never designed to do it. Altough there is some Code in MSDN for a C++ ocx which allows VB to interact with the service control manager.

    Writing an FTP service with VB is going to be a lot of work when there are plenty of cheap FTP servers commercially available. Is there any particular reason whic you want to write your own.

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