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    Unanswered: Dummy trying to link into paradox


    I’m not a database developer, but would like to write a small VBA app either with excel or access 97 (or a combination) to export some data out of a paradox database (for my exercise bike) into another application. Once I get access to the tables, I should be able to fake my way through the VBA, but I’m having difficulty attaching to the tables with any Microsoft app.

    The exercise bike uses a PC for control, and stores the data in a paradox database (at least that’s what I think). I assume some sort of runtime version of Paradox is used for the control software. The database files themselves are *.db, *.px, and one table also has a *.tv and *.fam extension.

    I downloaded the BDE administrator and a program called “tablestruct” with which I’m able to browse the tables. According to tablestruct, all of the tables are level 5. I’ve also downloaded the Microsoft Valupack which is supposed to directly support paradox table import, and a number of ODBC drivers for the Jet engine thingy.

    When trying to link in a table using the file:external data: link menu, I get an unexpected format error. When I try and link external tables under the “add” menu using ODBC I get an error about trying to use SQL to query an ISAM database or something like that.

    Can anyone please help me out with this? If you’re interested, I can zip the tables and e-mail them as they’re quite small when zipped.


    p.s. I've crossposted this to the access forum too.

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    Hi Andy,

    You may not have all the database driver types installed on your computer.

    Check the Windows Control Panel that shows the types of ODBC datasource drivers you are allowed to use. If Paradox is not on the list, you can reinstall the drivers using the VB installation CD.

    Good Luck,
    Bruce Baasch

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    I've tried this before, and I can tell you now that you're not going to be able to access the tables through ODBC. ODBC and Jet are two different animals. Instead of going through ODBC, you'll have to try accessing the table directly, which will use your Jet ISAM drivers.

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