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    Question Unanswered: # of users and tables sizes in Access

    Although MS says Access can handle tables up to 2 GB and up to 255 concurrent users, my experience in talking with Access developers is that, realistically, Access is much more limited than this. In fact, I believe that MS pushes it for departmental workgroup solutions with a small number of users. I find companies pushing commercial products using Access that also openly say that Access can't handle over 20 users and that the tables must be regularly archived to keep the number of records in check. Is anyone else seeing this . . . ??

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    Re: # of users and tables sizes in Access

    [Ive seen this recently on several small dbases Ive created with access 2000 (under 25 MB and only 5-6 users).

    Im actually going over to SQL for this very reason. Problem I seem to be having is lack of security (not being able to intergrate NT security) and more importnalty the dbase going into suspect mode or corrupt everytime a desktop crashes while connected, etc.... Ive been running the repair and compact utility but its getting old fast.

    SQL includes transaction logging so there is built in fault tolerance (in theory).

    Best of luck


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