This is my first time on a forum; a friend suggested that there's a great source of info out here. A have an access problem that I'm going to attempt to explain...

I have two reports... my goal is to get a percentage on one report by using the sum of the other report.

I want to take the Attendee's field and divide it by the Voiced field. The problem is I'm using a continuous subform in the main form where the report was created - there are many topics per transaction in the report. When I attempt to do the calculation from the main report the Attendee’s field will duplicate per topic and this inflates the total number of attendees. So I created the second report that just has the total sum of Attendee's.

In the main report in design view I added a text box and in the expression builder put in the following: =[Voiced]/[Reports]![tbl_Master_Topics_Data]![Attendance Grand Total Sum]

but when I run it I get this… #Name?

So, back to the question... Is it possible to take the sum of one report and use it in another?

If this makes sense any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.