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    Unhappy Unanswered: Upsizing Access 2000 to SQL

    I'm going to try and upsize my database to SQL and I know that it would be a lengthy message to ask someone to help me with it.

    Instead, I'd like to ask if anyone can direct me to a website that has some indepth white sheets for an idiot-type person.

    Anybody know of a good place?


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    Hey Bill,

    Im actually going through the process now. (Access Jet Engine just doesnt seem robust enough to meet our needs).

    Here's some great articles and white papers I just finished reading this evening:

    15 Steps to convert access to SQL Server

    Beyond the Upsizing Wizard

    Using the Access 200 Upsizing Tools

    Using the Microsoft Access 2000 Upsizing Tools with SQL Server 7.0

    Also check out these tools (havnt played with this myself yet):
    Access 200 and SQL Server Readiness Update

    The largest question I have now is do I upsize with the tool or use SQL's Data Transformation Services to recreated tables on the SQL server (there's plus and minus to each - see articles). I would love to hear other thoughts on this.

    G luck! (We are going to need it by the look of things).


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