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    Unanswered: Automating running an access operation with Outlook

    I have a couple operations that I would like to start automatically perhaps with the Outlook recurring appointment feature.

    One project would run a query, create and export of the answer table as an excel file and then email it.

    The other project would just be to run a make table query to freshen up some data.

    Bacically I'd like to do these operations once per month.

    Thanks for any help

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    i'm not sure you could do it that way, if you've got a VB (not VBA) editor, you can generate a windows task that calls a generated exe file that uses the DOA.Database to perform the tasks, otherwise i think the only way to do it would be to append a date sensitive on load event to the startup form ie

    sub on_load()
    if Day(now()) = 1 then
    end sub
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    Access Command Line Parameters

    I found out that the task schduler can be sripted outside of Windows. I'm wondering if there is a command line option for Access that would open Access to a specific object like a macro of module kind of like you can open Excel to a specific sheet.

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    Re: Access Command Line Parameters

    Command line option to start Access with your macro: /x MyMacro

    Or name your macro AutoExec, that will start it on database opening.
    Use the Shift key to bypass the AutoExec macro


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    You could make the re-curring appointment a custom form in Outlook. Then you could write VBScript in the Outlook Item that runs on the Open Event. From here you can execute SQL statements, etc. on the Access data without having any of that code in Access itself.

    So when the reminder pops up, you open the appointment item, which then runs the code since the Open event fires.

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