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    Unanswered: Input box

    Is it possible to force an input box to have an input mask? I am trying to create a form that will open up a specific size and not restore down the form(s) that are open behind it. I am setting this form to modal to force the form to be completed before setting the focus elsewhere. If I can get the input box to accept an input mask, I may be better off using that approach.


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    Yes. It is possible to set input mask to an input box.
    Just select the input box in the design mode and select properites (after right click).
    You can find 'Input Mask' option in either Data tab or All tab.
    (I use Access 2000, hope this is there in previous versions also!)


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    Thanks for the reply. What I am wondering is if my code is as follows:

    ' code
    NewPhone= Inputbox ("Please enter the new phone number")
    ' continue code

    Is there a way to specify the input mask (i.e. (555) 555-5555) for the inputbox? Also, since I'm on the subject of input masks, can you place one on a column of a combo box?

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