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    Unanswered: scroll wheel

    Is there a way to disable a scroll wheel on a mouse? I am having problems with users who are accustomed to a scroll wheel in my database. The scroll wheel acts like a record navigation selector. However, I have set the cycle property to current record only because of certain fields that have to be filled in before a record can be saved. I need to disable/control this function before I can do more testing of my database. Any ideas?

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    If you want to disable the mouse at OS level then it may be possible:
    1. In the Control Pannel select mouse.
    2. Go to Hardware tab and then select 'Properties' button.
    3. In the advanced tab settings there is a list box available for controling mouse wheel. Select the desired option.

    I didn't test it because it was requiring reboot of the system.
    (This is in Windows 2000, and the same feature was not available in Windows NT!).

    If you are looking for controling scroll programatically then Sorry,
    Iam also not aware!


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    The system I'm using my db on is a NT system. I also do not wish to disable the scrollwheel system wide if possible. Also, this will eventually be a multi user database where everyone is on a NT machine. Since we all have employees who range from barely able to turn a computer on to those that know enough to be hazardous to an administrator's mental status to the majority of people who will not attempt to see where the database can create the most bizare error, I am looking for a way to basically have the front end of the db be as safe and secure as possible. That's why I have tried to use recordsets everywhere. However, there are a few instances where I have to use bound fields in conjunction with recordsets. These are primarily my problem areas.

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