Hi again.
I will explain what I want, and what I have now installed.

I have a Oracle Server. It works with a range between 2 and 30 clients.(too easy for Oracle I think).
Well, currently I have a Physical Standby Database as a redundant of the primary server. It works very well, but when I swap roles between both servers (primary to standby and standby to primary) its taken about 2-3 minutes.

Our system requires commutation between servers to be faster... about 2-3 seconds. This requires than replication must be in 'real time'.

I'm trying to use Oracle's Advanced Replication, but I think it doesn't work when one of the two servers are down (i.e. for maintenance).

Then, what I want is two oracle servers replicated, full activated and opened, without lost any data when I shutdown one of them.
I know its complicated, but easy at the same time.
I wanna know if Oracle supports this somehow.

Thanks for advanced!