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    Question Unanswered: Import/export txt files

    Dear All,
    I have a data base located on a master computer about medical reports, the same database is found on other computers, I want to link these dbases with txt files, I mean using export txt on a floppy and then iomport the data to the master computer

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    let me just get this straight you want to know how to import data from a networked computer and to export to the floppy drive

    or you want to know how to automate the above task process

    if it's the first go to the file menu and click get external data, choose Import for a on of copy and paste of the data, or linked to have the data refreshed automaticaly, then follow the On Screeen Iinstructions

    for the export to floppy the simplest method is to highlight the required table, right click, choose export and follow the OSI

    to automate the process of importing the simplest method is to link it, and to export you can use a macro
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