I refresh my OLAP Cube with DSO module with very good results , but when user query the DB while the processing I got from time to time errors . I did not succeed to re-generate the Error in development environment . I guess the Error is caused because I do not use transaction - with commit transaction command.
And solution to the Errors a way to create transaction ?

Error Description is:
The error details are as follows:
Error Number : -2147418113
Error Code :
Error Description : Unable to perform the requested operation on the data set object. It is not accessible because underlying data has been changed.Occured in Method: DetermineAxesOccured in Method:

Do you have any solution for it ?
My refresh code is :

'process Dimension
For nIndex = 1 To nNumOfDimension
Set dsoDimension = dsoDatabase.Dimensions(nIndex)
If (Not (IsEmpty(dsoDimension))) Then
dsoDimension.Process processRefreshData
End If
Next nIndex

'Process Partition

Set dsoCube = dsoDatabase.MDStores(szCube1)
Set dsoPartition = dsoCube.MDStores(sztempPartiionName)
dsoPartition.Process processRefreshData