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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Secure Web Server


    I am about to start a project which will be using an oracle database and an ASP front end. One of the main aspects of the projects is that it is secure. I.e the url will have to start with HTTPS:// I am not too sure but I think I will need to use a web server which includes ssl.

    The project will only be used on my laptop for demo reasons and the server will not have internet acceess so everything will have to be hosted on my local host.

    Can anyone recomend a web server which I could install.

    If it helps I am running windows 2000.

    Thanks in advanced.


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    whats wrong with IIS and if it is only for demo purposes why do you need SSL. If you do just get hold of a certificate and disable HTTP access no code changes required.

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