Hi everyone,

We are currently using a system which have Visual Foxpro 6.0 as its front-end and as its back-end. (The system also having some screens which is created using DOS Foxpro 2.6)

Our objective now is to migrate our back-end to a SQL Server. Currently, we have a DSN which is connected to our foxpro database from the the Foxpro database (dbc) using the connection properties. So the new objective is to connect to a SQL server database.

We created two APP's to check for the SQL server running status and a FPW to check the path to the SQL Server database (C:\MSSQL7\Data), but it seems like the system is not updating to the database. Are we doing this the correct way ? Is there any neccesity to change our current codes to migrate to SQL server? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.