Hello All ,
I have some problems while backing up my DB2 data to TSM Server.
Originally , I used the db2uext2.cdisk to compile to db2uext2 , and let it
archive DB2 logs to the DB2 local server's other directory. It worked
normally , and it generated less than 200 logs everyday.
But when I try to archive the DB2 logs to TSM Server (use db2uext2.cadsm
compile to db2uext2) , it also can work , and archive logs to TSM Server
successfully. But it generated DB2 logs very quickly!!! More than 300~400
logs generated per minute. And all these logs was archive to TSM Server.
Because of this , my TSM Server Log Space was out of space so that can not
service continuely.
Can anybody tell me where the problem is??? Any hint will be appreciate!!!
My E-Mail Address : fanhc@ebhs.net.tw
My TSM Server is TSM 4.2.15 ran on AIX 4.3.3
My DB2 Server is DB2 v7.1.0.60