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    Unanswered: input mask

    I am a novice of Access 2002 and I tried to use input mask into my first Access 2002 db. I used ?????????? like input mask of a 10 characters text field. When I begun to add records and I filled that field with less than 10 character I obtained surprisingly an error message saying that my input is incompatible with LLLLLLLLLL mask but I didn't use it.
    Can you help me?? Thanks.
    I am searching someone that had used correctly input mask. I obtained the same results with Access 2000. I used all kind of characters seen into Access manual but only 0, 9 and # works well. Is that possibly an Access bug???
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    I also use MS 2000 with similar options but .....
    I hope you are mentioning ???????? mask in the 'Input mask' that appears in the General tab in the table design veiw.

    Are you changing/reseting the input mask during runtime?


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    maybe the Required & AllowZeroLength & FieldSize parameters in table design will do what you need without the need for a mask.

    access will handle attempts to enter more than 10 chars without the need for a mask.

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