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    Unanswered: Specification: Survey of mdb's

    I am writing a specification wizard. I would like to gather a list of kinds of databases that would typically be developed. I have the basic ones, contacts, inventory, schedule. However am looking for more ideas and uses.

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    the main use for access is collect and correlate data from 2 other databases 1 sql tha covers machine data ie tool, number of cycles, down reasons... and 1 2nf database that can dump as odbc that covers sales, stock, Bill of matterials, customers, the only main pure access database were running is the health and safety accident database that i've only recently created
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    Smile Thank you,

    I hadn't thought of that. My, what a big company you must have!

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    Re: Specification: Survey of mdb's

    Though our primary databases are used to manage contact information, I've also built several for managing workshop and conference information, which has included which days the registrant is attending, which sessions in which learning tracks at what times, billing/payment information, reports for sign-in, badges, day/track/session summaries, confirmations, invoices, conference summaries, etc., etc.

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