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    BusinessObjects Class.... Hmmmm

    Although I didn't want to, I was forced to go to Intermediate BusinessObjects Class.... anyway... the instructor was good, but I have to post here few notes from the class..... let me know if I'm idiot or she does not know what she was talking about....

    1. she said that DBA is a person who sets up the Warehouse and OLAP Qubes.....

    I'd argue with this one, but .... somebody can say it is true

    2. The only REAL competitor of BusinessObjects is CrystalReports and Microsoft does not have anything.

    any comment? anybody? she means CrystalReports, not crystaldecision company

    3. our company has really HUGE warehouse, it is actually not a warehouse, but mirror (almost a mirror) of the online database.... because of that and because we don't have MOLAP or HOLAP, the speed of our queries is .... ehm. The people who maintain BusinessObjects Marts (Universes) use GROUP BY queries and create set of tables in ORACLE identical with Marts (universes) structure.....

    This instructor said that it IS a good and smart way! Btw she did not know about the speeeeed of our Warehouse server, she just said that it is generally good way!

    I'm sorry, but I got sick! Anybody wants to employyyyeeeee meeeee (sick person)?


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    Cool Re: BusinessObjects Class.... Hmmmm

    DBA Setting up a warehouse? I doubt that. Designing a warehouse will depend a lot on the tool that you will use, in this case BO. I work in a consultancy, and we usually design and create the warehouse specifically for our BI tool.

    She forgot to mention Microstrategy? lol. Microstrategy does not use cubes btw, go take a look at Microsoft does provide OLAP Services.

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