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    Question Unanswered: DBI install for Oracle

    I need to have the module installed on a UNIX server.

    My situation:
    I have some perl scripts that was running successfully on an NT server, but because of a serious security breech, have been moved to a UNIX server. This server has the standard Perl install, but not DBI. The Oracle database will not be moved and resides on a different server. It was not on the breeched NT server either.

    My Question:
    Exactly what needs to be installed on my UNIX server in order to access this remote Oracle database with my Perl scripts?

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    Arrow Running DBI Perl scripts on Unix

    Just try like this..

    Go to and search for the following modules:

    1. CGI, 2.DBI, 3.DBD::Oracle

    download, uncompress and install.

    To install each module, change the directory contains uncompressed files and
    issue the following commands

    1. perl Makefile.PL 2. make

    su #make install.

    change the directory to cgi-bin or the script directory, modify the cgi/perl scripts
    by adding SID name with NT server address.

    run the scripts at command line, debug and try running the scripts via http server !

    Any problem, please post again ..

    Elango Palchamy

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    You'll want to install Oracle Instant Client before trying to install DBD::Oracle on a machine that doesn't have Oracle installed.

    You need to verify the ORACLE_HOME environment variable is set correctly and ORACLE_SID if necessary, and probably LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to $ORACLE_HOME/bin.

    You need NLS_LANG set properly if you deal with any non-ASCII characters. Read the DBD::Oracle docs, they have much to say on the topic.

    The DBD::Oracle page has more info about connecting and useful links.

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