I am fairly new with access. Here is what I am trying to do. I have two tables. Passenger and location. The tables are joined by location_id

Passenger Location
Location_Id -->Location_Id

I have a form and a subform within it. The main form has fields from the Passenger table and other tables, the subform is a a query that has a left outer join passenger --> location. I open the form and everything looks fine. The main form and subform are in sync (they are linked by passenger_id) but when I try to enter info into the fields that belong to the location table it won't let me. There are no error messages, it just doesn't let me type. If I change the query to an inner join nothing shows up because nothing is in the location table yet. I need to have a left join because records in the passenger table may not have a corresponding record in the location table.

How can I do what I want and still be able to add, edit info.