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    Unanswered: Connecting to Postgres under Linux in VMWare from WindowsXP!!!


    I think, this is my last chance to get a solution form my problem. And this is the following:
    postgres running under linux as guest in VMWare.
    Windows XP as host. Trying to connect from pgadmin under Win XP.
    Now i can't connect to postgres!
    There's always the following error message:

    2002-12-18 22:44:59 - *************************************************
    2002-12-18 22:44:59 - Error(s)
    2002-12-18 22:44:59 - *************************************************
    2002-12-18 22:44:59 - Error in pgAdmin II:frmConnect.cmdConnect_Click: -2147467259 - Could not connect to the server;
    Could not connect to remote socket.

    2002-12-18 22:44:59 - Windows Version: Windows XP v5.1 build 2600
    2002-12-18 22:44:59 - pgSchema Version: 1.4.1
    2002-12-18 22:44:59 - MDAC Version: 2.7
    2002-12-18 22:44:59 - cnPostgreSQL.State = adStateClosed

    Where's the fault?
    I started Postgres with the -i option for tcp/ip sockets!
    Hope for answers!
    Thanx and Greets

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    Don't know if this works

    But try the following?

    Write a small PHP script and that connects to the dbserver?

    throws this an error. If no the TCPIP is ok

    if yes look at the settings in pg_hba.conf

    Have you compiled ODBC in postgres?
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    Maybe a little more info would help...

    I'm currently running Win2000 with a VMWare linux guest (RH 7.2) with postgres. Can you provide a little more info? Is everything else working fine with your connections for the host and guest OSes with VMWare? Both have network connectivity, etc? Also did you try what eperich suggested, do normal PHP scripts work with PostGres? I'm just trying to get at the heart of the problem making sure that everything else works first so we can narrow down where we're supposed to be looking for a solution.


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    try using another linux box if have one, then connect manually to your postgresql server or pgaccess if have it compiled...

    better check your network connectivity first...

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