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    Unanswered: Project Question

    I'm creating a simple Access app using a SQL Server backend. I have only a few tables, but 200+ users, hence the upsizing. My question is:
    Is there a preferred method of designing the application in terms of bound / unbound forms? It seems much easier to bind my forms to the tables themselves, but I'm getting write conflicts when closing forms and trying to update. Would it be better to set record sources to views and use VBA/ADO to manage all connections to the db? Or is it all a matter of opinion and I should use the method I'm most comfortable with?

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated.

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    For 200+ users you should probably seriously consider unbound forms, using ADO to populate and save the records in batchupdates.

    This method is probably going to be faster than a bound form style approach and will allow two users to open the same record on the same form. However, you will need to handle the case where two updates conflict and are saved at the same time.

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