Hi all.

I've got here an older IBM server with dual PPro 200Mhz w/512kb cache each and 128Mb EDO RAM.
Running fresh install of RedHat 7.3 with SMP kernel.
It will be used as a intranet webserver for a group of volunteer developers.

It will feature Apache + Perl + PHP + MySQL all built from source. As you can see, there is nothing fancy. My estimates is that the server might have as many as 50 concurent connections at peak times. With about 20 MySQL queries. But just to be on the safe side and leave some room for expansion, I'd bump the numbers to 75 and 50 respectively. As I said, this is an older PPro system and I'm rather concerned that this sytem will not handle that many MySQL users especially with running PHP/Perl code at the same time.

Question arises: how to tweak MySQL to use the full power of a dual CPU set-up? Is SMP support automatically enabled during compilation? Or do you need to provide a certain option to configure script?