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    Arrow Unanswered: .csv import to mysql not working ( Problem is Gone )


    I have a few excel files, i want to import to mysql, but it will not work propertly, could it be something with the commas ?.

    I get this errors

    > mysqlimport -u root -p -r tabelname path/filename.csv
    Records: 294 Deleted: 0 Skipped: 0 Warnings: 2352
    i have try almost wbery option ... same resault

    mysqlimport: Error: Duplicate entry '2002' for key 1, when using table: tablename

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    i have try lot of txt, and different .csv files, and it will not working

    All other scripts i have try, tell me the same thing,

    I have 7 Fields in mysql + _id ) i have also test to convert
    from excel to a csv file and edit that file and change info.

    I use This Versions
    Mysql - 3.23.53
    And latest PHP
    Excel 2002 ( XP )

    I have also try this export mysqldata to a .csv file
    with and whitout used characters .... Same resault.

    Have anyone any ide, what i missed, or what i'am doing wrong

    Thanks In Advise
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    Quote Originally Posted by bamse
    I use This Versions
    Mysql - 3.23.53
    And latest PHP
    Excel 2002 ( XP )
    MySQL 3.23? Are you kidding me? Go upgrade ASAP.

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