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    Exclamation Unanswered: Oracle Security - session manipulation

    Database: Oracle 8i 8.1.7
    Application: Developed through IDS ( Forms & Report 6i, Query & PRO C)

    The users logs on to the database through the above application. After logging on to the system the Application assigns them insert & update grants for the tables which otherwise the users doesn't have. When the users comes out of the application these grants are revoked.

    But if a user opens another connection through 'sqlplus' during the connected period through my application, he gets to enjoy the rights to update/insert in tables through the 'sqlplus'. This way he is able to manipulate the data using another session.

    Please give tips on prevention of such stuffs.

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    Re: Oracle Security - session manipulation

    Your application should not be granting and revoking privileges like that.
    Instead, PERMANENTLY grant the required privileges to a ROLE that has a password (which the user will not know). The application can than use SET ROLE to enable the role.

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