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    Unanswered: Icons and Text on a Form Command Button

    I'd like to have both an icon and text on a command button. I can do one or the other but not both. Is there a way?

    I've tried putting a label on a button with an icon and the other way around. They are both visible in design view but one is always obscured by the other in the form view.

    Also, if it is possible I'd also be interested in where the items are place on the button (i.e. the icon would not necessarly be centered on the button)

    Thanks in advance

    Happy Holidays

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    Unhappy Re: Icons and Text on a Form Command Button

    You cannot do it with existing Microsoft Forms..... there are some commercial text+picture button ActiveX components....

    You can go around it (it's silly but it works). You can include text as part of the picture and use that.....



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