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    Question Unanswered: Access to the objects, granted by role, within trigger

    Please help me to solve such a problem!

    I grant access on the objects X,Y within scheme A to role R.
    Then user A grants role R to user B.
    Now user B can access X and Y from PL\SQL.
    But when he tries to access this objects from trigger, he receives the error "object (table or package) does not exists".

    If A grants access directly to user B and doesn't use role, all works well (trigger compiles).

    Can i anyway walk around this restriction and use role?

    (I use Oracle 8.1.7)

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    Role/direct grant


    I know this is very annoying, but what you found out is correct:

    When you want to access another users objects within a procedure or a trigger or a function you will need DIRECT GRANTS.

    I banged my head against the walls about this one but it is expected behaviour.

    Remi Visser

    Oracle Database Administrator
    (OCP certified 8i)


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