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    Unanswered: URGENT - SQL Server replication failing

    SQL server replication is failing with the following error

    "A cursor with the name 'CompanyCursor' already exists"

    How do I deallocate this cursor so that replication stays up?
    Any suggestions will be much appreaciated.
    It is using stored proc replication and seems to have a sp with a cursor that is left without deallocating it.

    When the stored procedure is called more than once on the publisher side, it tries to repeat the same in a single session on the subscriber end, it finds the cursor already there. ??

    How do I deallocate the cursor so replication can start up? Is there a global setting that I can check to find outstanding cursors? Or do I need to remove the subscription and recreate it?

    I am using sql server 2000, service pack 2. Transactional replication is used and the log does not provide me with any more info.

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    The following is an example from bol:

    USE pubs

    DECLARE authorcursor CURSOR FOR
    SELECT au_fname, au_lname
    FROM authors
    ORDER BY au_fname, au_lname

    OPEN authorcursor
    FETCH NEXT FROM authorcursor
    FETCH NEXT FROM authorcursor

    CLOSE authorcursor
    DEALLOCATE authorcursor

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