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    Unanswered: Data Archiving...sounds easy but how to approach.

    hell all,
    What is the best way to achieve the following mechanism.

    My product has a database, which will be installed at my client site.
    as we all know database is something which will grow tremendously.
    Now i am planning to come out with a Data archiving facility in such a way that
    Yearly data will be backed up and will be maintained in a separate machine.
    The data that was backed up will be removed from the current machine's database.Ofcourse
    there will be a mchanism provided through which i can transfer data from offline database to online database.
    Now, please throw u r thoughts on how to approach this problem...
    My database is in SQL Server.

    Thanks and regards

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    Archiving and deleting old data

    Hi Sai -

    I don't know if this is the best way to accomplish this task -

    but i set up a job that runs each day at 4:30am (after backup is completed)

    that simply deletes all records that are 365 days old in the tables
    that i want to keep trimmed -

    I do have a datetime stamp on each table that is populated when the record is added to the table -

    hope this helps -

    take care

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