Hi All,
I just found this site from a newsgroup. I thought those interesting in Data Warehousing would like to know about my website. I have put together a web site primarily for people who are new to data warehousing. It recommends books to buy, web sites to read, classes to take etc. I have also published:
1. A number of newsletters discussing various aspects of data warehousing
2. A number of presentations about data warehousing.
3. A suite of cobol code to load star schema data warehouses.
4. A suite of C code to load star schema data warehouses.
5. A sophisticated type 2 dimension maintenance program for companies with large customer bases.

This is all the free stuff. You are most welcome to visit and download. If you are into data warehousing you will be interested to drop by.

I am also selling code off of my web site. The first product of which is a C generator to generate the code to load a large star schema data warehouse. The typical customers are people using SQL Server/Oracle, sometimes DTS, who are either learning about data warehousing or are doing their DW project without buying an ETL tool.

The generator generates the code that is on the web site for free (point 4 above) so you can see what the generated code looks like. I hope you drop by.

Best Regards

Peter Nolan