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    Unanswered: ADO doesn't work without ODBC. Why??

    In my application VB, I am effecting the connection with the SQL Server it saw connection string, without ODBC, thus does not function.

    I need to create any ODBC connection to complete the connection. Why?

    My Connection string:
    "provider=SQLOLEDB;UID=Etiquetas;PWD=xxxxxxxx;DATA BASE=Etiquetas;Server=BROMO;"
    "driver={SQL SERVER};UID=Etiquetas;PWD=xxxxxxxx;DATABASE=Etique tas;Server=BROMO;"

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    Re: ADO doesn't work without ODBC. Why??

    ADO is high level or top layer for OLE DB, it can handle ODBC too cauze Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers

    see for tons of connection samples....

    OLE DB is generally faster than ODBC....


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