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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Need Help, Linking Two records

    Hi every one, I'm new to this forum and I'm enjoying it Big Time.

    I am kind of consused. I have two tables with a "many to many" relationship. I have linked the two using an associated (intermidate) entity (table). Now when I want to link a record in table A to a record in Table B, I have a macro that opens two forms, one that is bound to table B and on that is bound to a table that records a log for this relation, then I have and "Action Query" that appends the two keys in the accociative entity.
    I was wondering if it is a good practice to use append queries. Does any one have experinec related to my case.

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    Re: Need Help, Linking Two records

    Hi Sia,

    Normally you would not need to use Action queries for this operation.

    Your intermediate table will have to include both primary keys from table A and B, of course.
    Then create a form that is based on your intermediate table.

    In the intermediate form, use a list box or so to select the primary key from table A, and a second list box to connect this one to the primary key of table B.


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