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    Question Unanswered: Re: Criteria Selection

    Is it possible to have a query with a criteria that you can select from a list. For example, when you open a query there's a prompt asking for information and instead of typing the information, is it possible to have a drop down menu????

    Please help!

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    not after you open the query, but this might do what you want:

    populate MyCombo on MyForm with MyField from a table or a query

    in design view of MyQuery, click in the criteria box of MyField.

    then click the magic-wand-wizard up on the toolbar: navigate in the left pane of the wizard through forms -> all forms -> MyForm, and in the center pane double-click on MyCombo.

    now the query will use the value of MyCombo as criteria: you can use MyCombo_AfterUpdate to run the query (or a separate "go" button if you wanted several criteria in your query from different combos)


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    Re: Criteria Selection

    Make a form with the fields you want as a drop down box.

    Ex: make a form and put a combo box named PRODUCT and put your products in the combo. Open your QUERY in design mode and go to the criteria area and type Like [Forms]![FORMNAMEGOESHERE]![PRODUCT]

    Close and save the query. When you run the query, it will ook t the form and that field. You can do this for multiple fields as well. To pull ALL values, just enter a * (star symbol, located on the 8 key).

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