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    Question Unanswered: timed deletion of forms

    Dear All
    can I make some forms to be completly deleted after certain time?

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    Re: timed deletion of forms

    Originally posted by mselima
    Dear All
    can I make some forms to be completly deleted after certain time?
    well...there is a round about way....maybe. The therie would be have a menu form that opens every time the db opens, on the on load of that form you will need to put the logic. Create a global varables modual that has a variable for every form in the db and hard code it to the day that it was created.
    In the On load section of the main menu do some date diff logic comparing todays date to the dates in the variables to determen how many days they have been created. I would not delete the form though, once the days have exceded a set limit I would set the app up to disable and hide the buttons on the main menu for that form so that the end user could not get to it.

    But thats just therie, I haev neaver done anything like that

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    this gives you when was the form created...
    CurrentDb.Containers("forms").Documents(0).Propert ies(6)

    and modified
    CurrentDb.Containers("forms").Documents(0).Propert ies(7)

    replace Document(0) ith your form e.g. Document("myForm") or loop it - it's a collection.

    I had one really big MDB project and when I made any change to the forms, I had to recompile whole MDB (create new MDB, copy all the forms, open them once and post it to shared folder). The problem was that when user opened the forms 6, 7, 8 times or if I made any change, it was getting slower and slower to open each form.... I'm worry that this will happen to you too. Microsoft confirmed this and it is partially solved in XP - if you do not use FILTER on FORMS it should be OK. In that time I had even procedure which created local copy of MDB and then ran than MDB from local PC. Of course I had tables in different MDB......


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