Once again I am posting my issue.

I have two sqlservers s1,s2 in same domain located in two countries.

Every week end I will do the maintenance of tables.

I was able to create the merge publication in the sql server s1 located

I have registered other server s2 in my enterprise manager.

When I tried to create the pull subscription in s2 through my enterprise

manager , after showing a series of messages like the one below

'connecting to the publisher... retrieving subscription information..
applying snapshot...'

It displays the error 'Transaction context in use by other process.
pull subscription fails'

Sometimes it displays the error 'Subscription at subscriber expires
or does not exists..'

I did a restart of my server....or restart of s2 through vnc..
stop and start the sql services..etc

But still I got the same error.

Advance Thanks for your help