Here's a prob I've been having. Please could an expert help me out.

When you create a data form using the VB Application wizard, you have the choice of creating a class module and associated form, rather than using the RAD style data controls.

I have used this Class Code on a very simple data structure, and it is quite a good bit of code. However, as with many things Microsoft, it doesn't quite do the job properly, as it does not take lookup tables into consideration.

For example if I have two (MS ACCESS) Tables

Member MemberType
_______ ___________
MemberID memberTypeID
Name Description

The wizard will create a form based on the member table, and will create text fields for MemberID, Name, and MemberTypeID.

MembertypeID, would be nicer in a combo. I have written a small bit of code to populate a combo with values from the membertype table, and when the record is saved, this saves the appropriate value back to the MemberTypeID field.


Unfortunately not, as it appears that when you change a text box numeric value through CODE (i.e. in background when you click on "Save"), the new value does not save to the database (although it can be seen to update the MemberTypeID text box correctly)

It's an quick easy scenario to re-create if you have vb 6 and create a simple access db using the above db structure (M:1 relationship between Member.MemberTypeID and MemberType.MemberTypeID)

Any thoughts much appreciated