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    Unanswered: Parameter Query Getting Values from Form

    I had a parameter query set to get values from a form as there are a number of values. I decided to add one more parameter and corresponding control to the form and now it is not picking up this last value.

    I've tried copying all of the names and values etc. thinking that there's a typo or something, but, it still doesn't work. I must be missing something obvious but it may be time for some fresh eyes.

    Attached is a simplified db. The form is SPC chart entry form and the query in question is SPC qry 0. There are actually a number of nested queries.

    If i just run the query without opening the form and enter the following paramter values the query works and adds records to the table spc temp

    Parameter = copper, total
    cmpliancesample = no
    sampler = user
    Outfall name = process

    If I open the form and enter thsse values, mimize it and run the query it doesn't add any records to the table.

    If I delete the criteria in the query for the Outfall Name field with the form open it runs OK

    There are also some dates on the form but they are not used for this query. They are for some queries to follow.
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    Change the Bound Column on your Outfall Name dropdown list from 1 to 2.

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