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    Unanswered: Fatal Error In Buffer Manager for btclean thread

    We had a log message in OnLine 7.31 relating with BTree thread.The message which describes the problem is ;

    page header
    c00000001dbbd800: 01518dd0 a98807f7 00110090 016c064c .Q...... .....l.L
    c00000001dbbd810: 00009fae 00009f80 ........
    23:41:05 Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.FD1 Software Serial Number AAD#J206992

    23:41:05 Assert Failed: Fatal Error In Buffer Manager
    23:41:05 Who: Session(12, root@boytas, 0, 972014616)
    Thread(182, btclean, c000000039ec0df8, 1)
    File: rsbuff.c Line: 113
    23:41:05 Results: Dynamic Server must abort
    23:41:05 Action: Reinitialize shared memory
    23:41:05 Stack for thread: 182 btclean

    base: 0xc000000039f54000
    len: 40960
    pc: 0x0000000000000000
    tos: 0xc000000039f55e90
    state: running
    vp: 1

    is there anyone who can explain why this happened and what caused it so, what measurements can be taken for avoiding to happen it again in the future?

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    You should contact your support center for this issue.
    Lots of Btree enhancements are in the next coming release of IDS (9.40)

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