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    Unanswered: Help ! How to Randomize field

    I have 1 table named tblCASE

    CASE_ID --- (Autonumber)

    I want to make my VISIT_NUM change according to CASE_ID say
    is it posible to call that?

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    ummm, yes.

    you can set the default value for a field to anything that is defined at the time Access tries to set the default (e.g. a global function returning a string composed of currently defined things): i didn't look into whether the autonumber is "defined" in time for access to allow you to use it in an expression for the default value of a field in the same record under creation...


    ...why would you want to do what you say you want to do?

    you can create your VISIT_NUM on the fly (sorry if this doesn't translate correctly!) any time you need it from the CASE_ID and some FORMATTED_DATE field [based on for e.g. default = now()].
    this not only saves you the hassle of finding out how to code up your VISIT_NUM, but it also greatly simplifies potential future searches by date.

    better still - date & long normally take less space that text.


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