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    Unhappy Unanswered: Backend closed channel unexpectedly

    We are running PG 7.1.3/RH 7.2/ACS 3.2.5/Aolserver 3.3
    and running into an intermittent problem as follows. Previous posts have hinted at a problem with large queries that was solved in PG7.2
    Any idea what can nuke a 7.1.3 PG backend?

    [30/Dec/2002:07:21:14][16872.11269][-conn0-] Notice: Ns_PgExec: Trying to reopen database connection
    [30/Dec/2002:07:21:14][16872.11269][-conn0-] Notice: Opening acs on localhost
    [30/Dec/2002:07:21:14][16872.11269][-conn0-] Error: Ns_PgOpenDb(postgres): Could not connect to localhost::acs: The Data Base System is starting up

    [30/Dec/2002:07:21:14][16872.11269][-conn0-] Error: dbinit: error(localhost::acs,pqReadData() -- backend closed the channel unexpectedly.
    This probably means the backend terminated abnormally
    before or while processing the request.
    ): 'select work_status_code,employee_id,exception_flag,^M
    to_char(work_report_date,'DD/MM/YYYY') as report_date,^M
    to_char(work_report_date, 'DY') as day_of_week , work_record_code,wid,assignment_name,^M
    work_hours,work_hours as hrs,flag_employee,absence_hours,^M
    time2str(punch_in) as punch_in,work_month,^M
    time2str(punch_out) as punch_out,flex_request,^M
    round(punch_hours,2) as diff_clock,regular_hours,p100_hours,break_hours,^M
    time2str(time_start) as time_start, etype ,tsa_cols_p, ^M
    time2str(time_end) as time_end ,status_flag_employee,^M
    round(std_hours,2) as std_hours ,employee_name,flag_supervisor ^M
    from ws_approve_hours_view where sid = 719 and employee_id = 1016 and work_report_date > to\
    _date('31/10/2002','dd/MM/YYYY') and work_report_date <= to_date('30/11/2002','dd/MM/YYYY') ^M
    and employee_id = 1016 ^M
    order by work_report_date,time_start '
    [30/Dec/2002:07:21:14][16872.11269][-conn0-] Error:
    Database operation "select" failed (exception NSDB, "Query was not a statement returning rows.")
    while executing
    "ns_db select $db $global_sql"
    invoked from within chunk: 1 of adp: /var/lib/aolserver/servers/defaultacs/www/approve-hrs.adp - - [30/Dec/2002:07:21:14 +0200] "GET /approve-hrs.adp HTTP/1.1" 200 5030

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    It's hard to analyse
    I think such a problem needs top be solved by a real specialist

    You better post it in the usenet group pgsql-bugs

    There you will get better advice
    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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