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    Unanswered: URGNET HELP: SQL/Oracle get weekly record

    Hello -

    I have a question on forming the query using SQL. I have a table that has a column named START_TIME which has strings in the format
    YYYY/MM/DD HH:MMS (19 characters)

    I want to get the current date and time from the system and then form a query that will pull records from the table that has the current date to 7 days back.

    i.e., I need a query that will pull record for a week from today (having in mind the date format specified)

    Any help?

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    By converting the string of chars to a date you will be able to use standard date arithemetic. This should get you started....

    select to_date('2002/12/30 21:03:19','YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MIS')-7 from dual


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    Personally, I think you'd be better off storing your START_TIME as a date instead of a string.

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    Whilst I (and probably everyone on here) agrees that storing dates/times as dates is the better way to go, it doesn't answer the original question.

    However, if I were to make such a sugestion and if the original poster was willing to change the table and/or the numerous systems relying on it then this might also help -

    alter table [tablename] modify [columnname] date

    maybe an ....

    alter session set nls_date_format = 'YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MIS'

    would also be useful before the modify column? I don't know I haven't tried it? But then I didn't suggest it either.

    Comments with usefull suggestions welcome. Comments on their own... nah you can keep them, they don't really help anyone - they just alienate them.

    Marist, clearly you are knowledgable in the Oracle arena but your posting style can give people the wrong impression. Me included. I don't believe it is your intention and I don't want to be flamed to hell and back over it either.

    I'm sorry - I wanted to send this personally rather than on the forum - but I'm a programmer, not a forum user:-( Maybe AndrewSt will delete this once you've got it.

    Kindest Regards

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