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    Cool Unanswered: refer to a combo box on a subform?

    Hi all,

    I have a form called MAIN and it contains two subforms, SUB1 and SUB2 (SUB2 is a subform of SUB1)

    I have a combo box on SUB2 and I want to insert a command button that runs a query that is based on the combo in SUB2. Where do I put the command button (on the MAIN form? or on which subform?)


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    Re: refer to a combo box on a subform?

    you can stick your button anywhere in the main form....


    or anywhere in any form ....

    forms("myform").Form("sub1").form("sub2").form("co mbo0").value

    you can use the second method instead of the first (it will work just fine), but it is slower. If you call anything from current form use ME instead of name of the form.


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