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    Unanswered: Help!! "The Initial Snapshot for the Publicationis not yet available"


    please help...


    This is a Transactional Replication with multiple publishers and only 1 subscriber. The idea is to make the subsciber have all data from all publishers

    Publishers SQL 7.0 SP1 NT4-SVR-SP5, subscriber SQL 7.0 SP2 Win2K-ADV-SP3

    when creating publication, I check the option "Keep the existing table unchanged", that way, when I applied the initial snapshot, the data that already exist on the subscriber will not be deleted.

    all initial snapshot was successfully applied to the subscriber via FTP, no problem

    This a one way replication, subsciber must have all data from publishers while publishers will not get anything from subscriber. So I configured it as an Anonymous Pull Subcription

    All agents on both subsciber and publishers are set to run on default setting and schedule. except for the snapshot agent on the publisher. I set it to run only once and not recurring, since there will be only one subscriber. After it ran for the first (and also the last) time, I immediately sync the subsciber to have it download the snapshot via FTP and apply the initial snapshot. And that's it, there will be no subsequent snapshot generation, ever

    applied the initial snapshot on dec, 28th, sync scheduled daily at 3 am. check back on 29th, all fine, all incremental transcation from publisher successfully replicated. 30th- fine, 31st-still fine. Then on 1st Jan morning all subscriptions ran successfully, but with the following message "THE INITIAL SNAPSHOT FOR THE PUBLICATION IS NOT YET AVAILABLE "

    wow!!.. what's happening here ? it seems that all the subscriptions has forgotten that they already received the initial snapshot on dec, 28th

    any suggestion, please ?


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