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    Unanswered: DB2 and CICS on/for LINUX

    Does anyone know of a transaction server that runs on Linux and can access DB2 data where the DB2 is also running on Linux or a Unix platform?

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    IBM's TX Series is probably your best bet. You will have another problem with COBOL support (if that's your target), since I believe IBM CobolSet is no longer supported and I'm not familiar with Merant(MicroFocus) support on Linux.

    If you want a TP environment to emulate/mimic/rehost your existing transactional apps, I'm afraid that you may have to bite the bullet and go AIX or Solaris.

    William P.O'Sullivan

    IBM Certified Solutions Expert - DB2 UDB V7.1 Database Administration for Unix, Linux, Windows and OS/2
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    Does Websphere not achieve all of this for you?

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