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    Unanswered: Pervasive and VB Application on Citrix server

    Dear all,

    We wanted to test a customised VB application on Citrix Server with Pervasive DB. The vendor advised us to seperate the db and application into two seperated Win2k servers.

    Do we need to do this? Our management only willing to invest in a second server when the project is live. I wanted to propose to run everything under one Win2k server. I am not worry about performance because this is just testing stage.



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    It's possible to do...

    Pervasive 2000i SP4 Server engine is fully supported running on a Citrix terminal server, so this is possible. You may have performance issues related to running multiple software packages on one server (e.g. just running out of necessary horsepower), but if this is for testing, you should be fine.

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