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    Unanswered: RedhatPostgreSQL

    I am looking for alternatives to M$. I started experimenting with Redhat Linux running Apache and PHP for web servers. Postgresql was included in the full Redhat install. I was able to create a database and user successfully following the tutorial "".

    Although the database and user were created successfully I cannot login to postgresql. I get the following error: psql: FATAL 1: IDENT authentication failed for user "phpuser"

    I know the user exist because if I try to create it again if fails because it exist.

    These are the commands I used to create the user and log in beginning at the Linux prompt:
    su postgres
    createuser phpuser
    y (can create databases)
    y (can create users)
    createdb phpdb
    psql phpdb -U phpuser

    This is where I get the error: psql: FATAL 1: IDENT authentication failed for user "phpuser"

    The only thing I think may be missing is the password. But since it was not required to create the user it must not be needed. ???

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You will need to change the pg_hba.conf file

    you have as authentification "ident"

    for testing try "trust"

    otherwise you have to look at

    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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    Linux user limit?

    hye timmoser,

    would you or anyone happen to know if Linux has a limit on how many simultaneous users can be logged into Postgres ?

    for example i read somewhere Windows has a limit of i think only 32? or is it like 52?

    i am wondering if there is a limit for the Linux OS.


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    # connections

    By default, the postmaster (database server) limits the number of connections to 32. This can be increased to whatever number you want. It's simply a resource issue. If you want to handle 100+ simultaneous connections, you better have some decent hardware serving the database.


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