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    Question Unanswered: Converting from Access 2002 to 97 Errors

    I am trying to convert a database from Access 2002 to 97 and I can't seem to get anywhere... I first get an error msg that it can't find the object libraries which from what I understand, is pretty normal, but then I get another msg a little after I press OK that says it can't find a file called wiz155.tmp. Does anyone know anything about this? I think it's exclusive to this database or else the structure of it, since I can convert other very simple ones fine. It's even looking for the file in folders that don't exist.....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    convert 97 to 2000

    Hi Heidi,

    I have a related problem - converting 97 to 2000. Old machine dying new PC with XP. Compiled and converted then had a numbber of different problems - looked at References: in new(2000) version of application found discrepencies -
    MISSING ActiveBar Control
    MISSING br549 OLE Control module
    Both appear in 97 version (ticked and without the preceding word 'MISSING')
    You said you had problems with missing libraries and resolved them - I don't know how to find them, to solve the problem

    Can you help


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