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    Unanswered: 255 char limit on memo field in query result?

    I have a table with two fields: keyword and value. The keyword field is a VARCHAR(30) and the value field is a MEMO. When I perform a query, the most I ever get out of the "value" field are 255 characters. These are very basic queries like "select * from tbl where keyword='x';". Is there a special way I have to write the query to get the entire field width out of "value"? I'm running this query through ODBC, if that makes any difference. I do not have Access -- I'm using the Jet Access driver.

    Thanks for any help!

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    You don't have Access, and you're using the Jet Driver!!!

    And you've got a field of type VarChar?


    Let me guess. In SQL Server?

    1) Don't use the Jet Driver, its for Jet Databases
    2) This is an ACCESS forum.
    3) Never use SELECT *, always name the fields - more efficient
    4) If those are the only two fields, whereis the Primary Key? All tables should have a Primary Key.
    5) IF you fix all this up, then there is a technique to use when retieving text fields such as MEMO. Make sure it is the LAST field mentioned in your SELECT statement. eg:

    SELECT Field1, Field2, MemoField FROM sometable.

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    1. I'm using the Jet driver and an .mdb file. The data is NOT stored in SQL server. It is stored in an Access database. The file is created through the ODBC DSN control panel.

    2. Thanks for #5. It answered my ACCESS question perfectly. In my case, I'm using the memo field as the ONLY field in the select.

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