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    Red face Unanswered: weird problem with mask

    Ok I'm really stuck... I have a short date field on a form that on one PC works fine, when you start typing in the field the mask shows up and takes the date... the same form on another PC the field takes one number and then beeps if you try to put more in... there is a _ , but that's all that shows of the mask. If you try to get out it you get an error message about not using the format for the mask (standard message). Both PCs have the same operating system... both are pointing to the same backend (Access). I can't find anything about a bug... besides I've loaded the SP2 already. HELP!!!! Where else can I go for help... searches in google aren't coming up with anything.... maybe you can help with what I should search on.
    Thanks so much for your time and attention.

    OK I checked the dates and they are the same.....but in playing with it I found another interesting thing. If I enter data in the next field (employee), then the date works...mask shows up and takes input.
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    Check the System Data formats on both systems. (ie. Regional Settings)

    Pehaps they are different.

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